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P A S T   T O U R   D A T E S





Some days, I need the music and some days, I need the lyrics. Music is inspirational and has no problem crossing the language or cultural barriers. In 2010, in a little rainy Hawaiian island town called Hilo, began the birthplace to the island phenomenon called The Steppas! Lead by founder Star Alaniz. Together, they synchronize their sounds and entertain us with their songs found on one of their many musical projects. The Steppas EP ‘ Good Roots’ was delivered in 2012. It was soon followed with the release of ‘ The Love Shack’ EP in 2013 which featured the hit songs ‘ Lost At Sea’ and ‘ Empress Love.’ Touring was work that the boys were not afraid of putting in. 

They traveled and performed in various venues and festivals across the continental U.S. such as California Roots Festival, Dry Diggings, and Pure Aloha Festival while supporting touring acts such as Tribal Seeds, Fortunate Youth, The Skints, New Kingston, Inna Vision, Through The Roots, and more. They have also opened for bands such as Iration, Common Kings, Morgan Heritage, and the astounding local island talents known simply as The Green. ln 2014 they released their first LP entitled ‘ To you from we’ which hit #1 on the iTunes reggae charts and #2 on the billboard reggae rankings. 2016 was the release of the awaited follow up to their accomplished works with their single entitled ‘ We all’ -A song that inspires people to stand as one and to fight for whatever it is that they believe in. So some may be asking, “What’ s next for The Steppas?” 

in 2019 they released yet another musical project titled ‘Journey of Roads’ that goes back to their roots-like style that we all love while keeping the lovers and pop-like reggae influences that we all have come to know. Buckle up for a ride! In the words of lead vocalist, Star Alaniz, “No matter where we go, we represent Hawaii. It’ s our home and it’ s a constant reminder that even though we are in the middle of the ocean, we are making our dreams come true. So you can too. Always keep pushing, no matter what we go through in life -We can make it if we try!”






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